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ENTERPRISE: ready to embark on bold new adventures

>>Seeing the title, not as a constant but as a possible view of our exhibition — we draw both upon the condition of a tv-series: Star Trek, with a cast of widely different personalities and in particular the spaceship, that represents both the isolated place of the art-academy in Umeå aswell as an utmost heterotopia, a place of wonderous potential. We're now entering an other space, another heterotopia in WIP:Sthlm.<<

Thomas Olsson


Spingexhibition at the Art Academy

Spingexhibition at the Umeå Art Academy opens tomorrow saturday att 11:00 a clock. If you want to see a short interview about the art peice, follow the link below. 


Spring salon at Skellefteå konsthall 2010

I will participate at spring salon 2010 at Skellefteå konsthall. Vernissage 14 of February at 1 p.m.



Opening: June 6th at 7pm. Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Tourist Attraction at Projektraum im Bethanien/Kunstraum Kreuzberg is the second part of the Bachelor in Fine Arts exhibition of the students from the Art Academy,  University of Umeå in Sweden - the first part of which was presented at Bildmuseet, Umeå.