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Man builds technical system for utility. For water, plumbing and heating. It is as surprising as comprehensively that Soderhamns based artist Thomas Olsson with a past as A plumber have enmeshed by the human body all system. From being a plumber in the world he is now A plumber in Fine Arts.”


Niels Hebert. (Art critic)


My inside is something that have always been an interest to me, and above all the experience of feelings and how they affect me and my behaviour. That the outside of a body can appear as calm and relaxed, but on the inside it's a chaos with body sensations such as restlessness and anxiety. I've been study picture and literature of the body and what happens to it when it's exposed to physical and mental stress. Even if I can understand these functions they continue to be abstract. How does this body's internal system works? What do they look like? To better understand my inside I expose my own body to different situation. An example of an experiment i did was an “Ironman” to see how much stress my body cold take and what happens both mentally and physically during this 12 hours it took to finish this race. As i described above I pursue shorter and longer artistic projects, where I expose myself in different situations where I test my psychic and psychic strength and weakness.


Currently I'm specific interested in the sympathetic nervous system which is A part of the autonomic nervous system, where I among other things study the Fight-or-flight response, and all the processes that it's launches in our bodys when it hit us. These systems that some times limits how I use my body in different situation.


The space is very important to me when I have the privileges to have a solo exhibition. I see the whole exhibition as one big installation, that's why all my art pieces have the same title (exempt the number) instead I try to put all my effort on the title for the whole exhibition. I want my art to take over the space and my vision is that it should feel throughout your whole body when you visit one of my exhibitions. When privileges with a solo exhibition it always starts with the space as A starting-point. It is here my artistic process begins. With my paintings, sculptures and installations I create images of the body's all internal system.


I can see the heart as a furnace, pipes as arteries and the blood as water.



Thomas Olsson